Maryland: Date Sold DSP17 Notice

Just received this notice from Maryland:

Dear Pharmacists and Maryland PDMP Data Uploaders,

There has been an increase in the number of upload errors resulting in prescriptions not being uploaded to the PDMP. Many of the errors are caused by missing data in the Date Sold field, and this field is required. As a reminder if a required field is left blank the prescription will not be uploaded to the PDMP.

The Maryland Prescription Drug Monitoring Program passed regulations in May 2023 and sent the updates to data submitters and pharmacists on 5-4-23 and on 12-14-23 regarding the ASAP fields that were once optional that are now required to be uploaded to the PDMP, starting on July 20, 20 23, which includes DSP17 Date Sold. The other fields that are now required are:

  • PAT02 ID Qualifier: this field is used together with PAT03 ID of Patient to describe the type of ID populated in PAT03.
  • PAT20 Species Code: this field identifies if this prescription is for a human or a veterinary patient.
  • DSP11 Drug Dosage Units Code: this field identifies the unit of measure for the quantity dispensed in DSP09.
  • PRE01 National Provider Identifier (NPI): this field provides the NPI # for naloxone dispenses if the DEA # is not provided in PRE02.
  • PRE06 First Name: this field provides the prescriber’s first name.

Errors: Submissions that are sent with missing information for a required field will NOT be uploaded into the PDMP. All errors must be corrected within 3 business days.

  • DSP05 Date Filled, DSP17 Date Sold , & DSP03 Date Written: All of these dates are required, and the prescription will NOT upload to the PDMP if they are missing. Also, if these dates are in the future, they will cause an error and the prescription will not upload. All errors must be corrected within 3 business days. If one of these dates is five years in the past, a warning will occur.

Let us know if you have any questions.

If you have received this email in error, please disregard or pass it along to those who upload controlled prescriptions to the Maryland PDMP and to those who correct errors in submissions to the PDMP.

Thanks as always for your hard work!