Louisiana: Upcoming changes Dec 1, 2023

To: All Louisiana Pharmacies & Pharmacists
From: Louisiana Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)
Date: November 28, 2023
Subject: LA PMP - Upcoming Changes to Bamboo Health PMP Clearing House

This announcement is to notify you of important upcoming changes to be implemented by Bamboo Health and supported by the Louisiana Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). These changes to the Bamboo Health PMP Clearinghouse setting are designed to increase data quality and accuracy of the prescription transaction data submitted to the PMP Clearinghouse. The affected data fields are the Prescriber identifiers as well as the Pharmacy identifiers. Currently, the “fail over” allows the claim to be accepted by the PMP Clearinghouse as long as one of the data elements is correct. Once the setting is enabled on December 1, 2023, all prescriber and pharmacy data elements submitted to the PMP will be validated. Any invalid data will cause the claim to generate errors.

It is of the utmost importance that pharmacists do not use an invalid prescriber DEA registration number, invalid prescriber NPI number, or invalid Prescriber License Number on any prescription transaction, only use accurate information. Leave the Prescriber License number blank for a controlled substance prescription.

Prescriber License Number field should be utilized for noncontrolled substances (e.g., gabapentin) only when the prescriber does not have an NPI number or a DEA number (e.g., veterinarian). In this instance, leave NPI and DEA blank and insert the prescriber’s Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine state license number.

Please Note: XDEA is no longer considered a valid Prescriber DEA. Pharmacies should submit the prescriber’s DEA registration number instead of the DATA-Waiver registration number to the PMP.

With regards to pharmacy identifiers, a pharmacy possessing a DEA number must report to the PMP using this DEA number. Otherwise, the pharmacy can use the pharmacy’s NPI or state license number to report to the PMP. If the pharmacy will be reporting to the PMP using anything other than a DEA number, we request the pharmacy notify the Louisiana Prescription Monitoring Program as accommodations will need to be made to allow this type of reporting.

Please review the ASAP 4.2B specifications provided below for further guidance:

Prescription Monitoring Program