South Carolina ASAP Version Change from 4.2 to 4.2B (10/10/2022)

This is to inform you of changes to the South Carolina Prescription Monitoring Program that will take place on 10/10/2022. Per SC 44-53-1640 (B)(2) “A dispenser shall submit daily to the department the information required pursuant to subsection (B)(1) in accordance with transmission methods and protocols provided in the latest edition of the “ASAP Telecommunications Format for Controlled Substances”, developed by the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy.” The South Carolina Prescription Monitoring Program reporting requirements will be moving from ASAP 4.2 to ASAP 4.2B software format. Please do not begin submitting data in the 4.2B format until after 10/09/2022 as this change will take effect until 10/10/2022. The South Carolina Data Submission Guide providing information on the changes taking place can be found at Additionally, we’ve attached the updated dispenser guide to this communication. Please reference Appendix A on page 49 of this manual to see a full list of ASAP field changes. Currently, we are not mandating any additional fields. However, if additional fields are submitted, we will be able to accept them. Pharmacies, Veterinarians, and Dispensing Physicians, please familiarize yourselves with the new reporting requirements. You will need to call your software vendor to make these changes. Thank you for your assistance in making this a smooth transition and for your partnership with the South Carolina Prescription Monitoring Program.

Here is the new South Carolina dispenser’s guide. Do not make these updates until Oct 10th.

Dispenser Guide V4.2B

Don’t forget! Monday is the day to switch South Carolina to 4.2B.