Indiana: Veterinary clinics no longer need to zero report on closed days

We had a couple of veterinary clinics tell us that zero reporting is no longer required for vet clinics in Indiana. Got clarification from INSPECT on this. Here is their response:

There has been a change to Indiana law that no longer requires Veterinary clinics to zero report to the state PDMP for any day that they are closed or any day that they dispense less than a 72 hour supply of a controlled substance or gabapentin. Veterinary clinics are still required to report to the state PDMP (via PMP Clearinghouse) any dispensation (greater than a 72 hour supply) of a controlled substance or gabapentin within 24 hours of the drug being provided to a patient. Please contact me directly with any additional questions regarding the prescription drug monitoring program and I will be happy to provide an answer.


Kara Slusser
Director of INSPECT
402 W. Washington Street, Room W072
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 234-8039