Bamboo Health changing their SFTP site by Jan 31, 2023

Bamboo Health is taking necessary steps to improve the reliability and security of its PMP Clearinghouse products’ Secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) process. This update will require action on your part to ensure there are no disruptions in service.

Bamboo Health continually focuses on providing world-class services. Part of this ongoing effort is to regularly review the technology we employ and ensure it is reliable and secure. The outcome of these internal reviews can result in work requiring action by our customers.

Currently, the PMP Clearinghouse sFTP process supports over 23,000 users and must be updated for security reasons. We understand that these changes will require coordination and ample communication due to the large number of affected users and action being required on the part of submitters of dispensation information.

Bamboo Health requests your help by creating your new sFTP credentials by January 31, 2023. If action is not taken, your current sFTP process will no longer function and you will not be able to submit dispensation data. As a result, you will show up as non-compliant/delinquent in state reports.

What is Bamboo Health doing to help you in this process?

  • We are taking steps early, before this becomes a critical action item
  • We have drafted instructions for you/ your team to follow for creating new credentials for existing users (Link)
  • We have scheduled two Q&A sessions with Bamboo’s technical experts to answer any relevant questions (see dates/ times below)
  • We have established an email address to route all questions to (
  • We have compiled FAQs and will continue to add to it as questions come in. You can find them here (Link).
  • Your respective state administrators have been inform of this change (Link)

What do YOU need to do?

  • Please establish and share the primary contact person on your end so we can ensure we will not have any gaps in communication

  • Please review and follow the attached instruction sheet for creating new credentials for existing users (Link)

  • Attend one of the scheduled Q&A calls (if needed):

  • Please complete the actions on your end as soon as reasonably possible but before January 31, 2023

Production URL’s

Current URL:
New URL:

For additional questions, please visit our FAQ’s linked above, reach out to your CRM contact or contact us directly at .

Thank you for your attention and support.

Bamboo sent this notice to all DEA registrants and not just organizations which submit PDMP data. This resulted in hundreds of inquiries from dispensers asking if there’s something they need to do. Would have been more effective to just notify the folks that deal with their SFTP site to submit data.

Please be aware that when transitioning from their legacy SFTP host to the new SFTP host , the state folders (AL, AK, FL…) where the data files must reside are not created until you complete Step 2 of their document. This is when you’re ready to officially switch over.

Here’s their document for reference: