Missouri: Access to Missouri PDMP Data Ends Dec. 13

From: K-TRACS KTRACS@list.ks.gov
Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2023 1:51 PM

The Missouri statewide PDMP is set to launch Dec. 13. This will mean changes for Kansas healthcare providers who rely on access to the existing Missouri PDMP for reviewing patient prescription history.

How data sharing will change:

The law that established the Missouri PDMP did not include provisions for the state to share data with its neighbors. As a result, the Kansas PDMP will no longer be able to provide the option for users to search the Missouri PDMP as of Dec. 13. This includes both through the K-TRACS web portal and through integrated electronic health records systems.

The Kansas Board of Pharmacy and Board of Healing Arts have sent communication to Missouri stakeholders to encourage a change in Missouri law to allow for data sharing because we understand how important this access is for K-TRACS users. If and when a change occurs, K-TRACS will notify you.

Missouri licensees:

Because you cannot query Missouri PDMP data through previous data sharing methods, you may want to have direct access to the Missouri PDMP. Registration is available only for Missouri-licensed healthcare providers. If you do not have a Missouri license, we are not aware of a workaround solution to access Missouri PDMP data. Check the state’s website for additional registration information.

Please note: Kansas continues to share data with 38 other states, districts, territories and health systems, and those will remain available for patient searches.