Ohio: Prescription Fraud Warning - Controlled Substance Prescriptions

Fraudulent Prescriptions Sent Electronically
The Board continues to receive notifications of fraudulent prescriptions for promethazine with
codeine and other controlled substances, including fraudulent prescriptions issued
electronically (via EPCS).
To help combat these fraudulent prescriptions, it is recommended that pharmacies verify
promethazine/codeine prescriptions with the practitioner’s office by means other than the phone
numbers provided on the prescriptions.
Additionally, pharmacies and/or pharmacists must report all incidents of prescription fraud to the
Board of Pharmacy. If possible, please include the following details in your report:
The phone number or fax number used by the “patient.”
Did the suspect physically come to the pharmacy?
Did the suspect provide an identification?
Is there video of the incident?
Reports to the Board may be filed online by visiting: State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy. Licensees
should also report this activity to local law enforcement.

Fraudulent Prescription Labels
The Board recently received reports that individuals are producing fraudulent patient-specific
prescription labels from various pharmacies, generally chain pharmacies, for Promethazine with
Codeine. Law enforcement have also found evidence that unknown individuals are selling larger
(170ml +) amber prescription bottles with counterfeit controlled Promethazine with Codeine Syrup
inside. The individuals have the capacity to generate “fake” labels with stores logos and information
and they are using several different doctors as the prescribers.
Licensees who encounter such fraudulent prescription labels/bottles should notify the Board of
Pharmacy and to local law enforcement.